Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Ground Hog Day!

Yes, it's Ground Hog Day!  Well exactly what that means I haven't a clue!  We have not had any winter here yet!  The last 2 days the temps have been above 50 degrees!  It should be in the 20s and the warmest should be the mid 30s.  We have no snow and everything is a muddy bogg!  Yuck!!!!!!!
That's all I will say about the weather!

On to a more pleasant subject - Quilting!

I have finished a few quilts in the last couple of weeks!   Some are new projects and one has been in the works for more than 20 years!  Yep, 20 years!

Laura's Quilt.    This quilt was started in -------------drum roll   -+-=
1990!   The quilt is finished but no idea where the recipient is!  A lady who worked with my daughter wanted me to make her a quilt.  She bought all the fabric and I was to make the quilt.  Well it is finished!   Now my daughter needs to find her!  It really feels good to have it off the UFO list!

Grandma's trip back to the 60s


This quilt is alot of fun to make!  You sew sets of strips (jelly rolls work great)  and then cut into strips, unsew a short seam and you get 1/2 of the block.  Use the pieces you took off for a second block.  Repeat for second half.   The placement of the color makes the "sashing"  Looks very complicated but really isn't.  I have several in different color waves in progress!  The prayer shawls below are made  from the left overs.  They are 28" x 72".  They were donated to our guild as comfort gifts for those who might need a "hug"

Hugs for my Dad!

My dad is fighting cancer and my mom says he is always cold.  They live in Alabama - so I made him this big hug to keep up warm!  I made it very scrappy because that is the type of quilts that he grew up with.    The pattern is the D9P (disappearing nine patch).  I tryed not to use any "girly" fabrics and bordered it with a wild deer print.  He used to do a little deer hunting when he was younger. I will get it in the mail today!

  I have to add that tomorrow is their 62nd wedding anniversary!!


PS - 6 more weeks of winter!!!!!!!!

                                                                                                                                                                           My My new Toy!
I bought myself a new toy!  Actually I upgraded my portable sewing machine! I sew alot on my dining room table and I would use the Platmium Gem from Janome.  I loved that little machine.  It was a real work horse.   I love my Janome 6600 with the thread cutter, which is in my sewing room in the basement.  So when I was sewing at the table I really missed that feature!  I went to my dealer on Monday and bought this little beauty.  It is the Janome 3160!  It is a little bigger than the Gem and has a thread cutter.  It still only weighs about 12 pounds.  It is very quiet.  It comes with a cute little table.   Love it!