Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mystery Quilt!

Well I have been asked by several friends to do a mystery quilt!   So here I go! 

But before I get into that I have to beg everyone - please be careful with your rotary cutter.  Give it your undivided attention.   Today I almost cut my index finger off!!!  Also make sure your cutting mat is in good shape.  No buckles!  That was part of the problem  the cutter bounced off of a bad spot and up onto the strip cutter and onto my finger!!!  It took several butterflies to close it up.  It would not stop bleeding and right now it is a big white blob sticking up in the air!!!!!    It is hard to type and haven't even tried to sew.  I love butterflies but not this kind!

Size 89" x 89" without borders these are printed in blue and the smaller version is printed in redWhat you will need:
1 Jelly roll - Actually I only had a roll of 20 strips so I cut the others from fabrics that blended well with the jelly roll. If you want to cut your own you will need approximately 1/4 yard of 12 fabrics. A total of 44 strips for the queen and 36 strips for the twin.
2 1/2 yards of a dark coordinate
1 yard of a very light coordinate - Here is the Pat way for this one. I do not like to piece borders so I buy the length for my borders and cut my strips from the left overs!

The longer white strips are the borders and the shorter strips (next to the blue) are the stripes for the blocks FOOT NOTE HERE.
In future pictures the blue will be red - I changed the contrast to a deep burgundy instead of the blue. That is called creative license!

So get your fabrics together and getting ready to sew/cut!  I will put up the next installment in a few days!