Sunday, February 2, 2014

Latest UFO

I finished this about 5 years ago at a retreat.  I had been working on  it for a long time.  The petals are all hand appliqued.  I am not sure why I hadn't had it quilted.  I guess maybe I hoped I would become skilled enough at long arm quilting to do it exactly as I wanted.  Well, at that time I didn't even have a long arm!  To this day I have not become that skilled!  I had a certain way I wanted everything to be done, cross hatching behind the flowers, a vein in the petals and some type of feather in the sashing.   I finally decided to send it to a professional.  That would be Brenda Stump, Carleton, Michigan.  She did an amazing job.  Everything just as I wanted!

Now let us step back to that retreat about 5 years ago.  My friend, Barb Donathan, was inspired by mine to make one for her niece's wedding.  Isn't the black and white dazzling?  Same pattern but oh so different!  Way to go, Barb!  Notice the cute bag she also made.
Now to my  "woe is me" moment.  My long arm froze up on me today!  The polar vortex must have attached itself to my Bailey.  She will go to the doctor tomorrow!  In the mean time I guess I need to send some more of these 24 plus tops out to be quilted.  My goal this year is to reduce this stack - I didn't really set the goal that I had to be the one to do them!!!!!  My biggest problem is that I LOVE to piece the blocks.  Not that fond of putting the whole thing together but the block by block process is my favorite!
PS.  I got the pattern from a friend Nancy Noll but if you are interested in the pattern you can call or write this lovely lady, Evelyn McCarty.  She is 84 years young and such a sweet person.  She will personally mail it to you for $8.00 (which barely covers the cost).
Shadowed Daisy Pattern
Evelyn McCarty
3020 Moselle Rd
Union, MO 63084
Have a great stitchin' time and enjoy the game today (if that is you thing)!