Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Polar Vortex

The polar vortex is over!   Or so we hope!   It has been the second worst winter in Michigan's recorded history.   I can truly say that I did not enjoy being part of history!   But I do believe that spring is on its way!

During our mini ice age I did start and finish a real scrappy quilt. I used only fabric from my stash and scrap box!

I didn't really have a pattern.  I had seen this block demonstrated at an expo for the purpose of selling the templates.  I made one block using the sizes that were recommended (by using the templates), but it just seemed too fussy and wasteful.   Not that I am that frugal but it had to be done quicker.  I had a huge stash of  2.5" squares ready to go!   So that is where I started, making my wedges!

The top block is made using the intended shaped pieces.   The bottom block is made using 2.5" squares and then trimmed to the correct size wedge.   It was much quicker and really not that much waste.   I did use the original block in the quilt.  It is not that easy to spot.  Can you find it?

Well that is it for this time.  I will be posting again real soon with the UFO that is almost done!