Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sock it to Me!

2012 is Ending - Good Bye!

I hope to get caught up on life in the New Year!

I have had a couple of rough months.  November 21 my dad passed away from a 2 year battle with cancer!  My mom stayed with us for a month, as we did not want her to spend the Holidays alone.  My husband and I took her home and helped clean out my dad's woodworking shed.  Big boys have big toys.  She is getting the house ready to sell and as soon as she does she will move to the senior "Tower" here in Flat Rock.

Didn't do much sewing lately but I have been knitting.  I made a sock - yes one sock!  It was a disaster!
As you can see it is a little out of whack!!!!

I didn't give up.  I put it aside and started another pair.  For smaller feet and a little guy who loves socks. 
These turned out much better!  The instep part still isn't right, I don't think, but at least they both turned out to be the same size!  

I did take the first one apart and am making another small pair for my 1 year old grand daughter.  They may just turn into a pair of leg warmers for her chubby little legs.

Speaking of socks.  Have you encountered the new fad with teenagers?  They are wearing miss matched socks!!!!  What's more you can buy them that way!   How crazy is that!?

I have finished one quilt.  It was a reversible one Batman/Spiderman!   With a matching pillow case!
The smile says it all!!!

Little sister thinks it's a great place to finish that bottle!

Feels great grandma!

That's all for this entry.  Hope to be back soon!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas or your special Holiday.  And everyone have a blessed New year!