Sunday, April 22, 2012


I am a doll loving adult!   I love the American Girl dolls.  I personally own 4 of them!  I also love making them cloths.  I do not like Barbie doll cloths - way too small - but the AG dolls are just the right size. 
    When my youngest daughter was small there was a doll called "My Baby Beth" and she was so cute.  She came with a pattern for making perfect fitting cloths.  She was very soft, the body was made from foam rubber and was very squishy.  Not sure what happened to her but I am sure the older brother had a lot to do with her demise!

I found this blob about her at:

Isn't she the cutest thing?

I've been lucky enough to acquired this darling "My Baby Beth" to add to my collection.  Original release date was 1978.  I found her in her original pink box.  She looks to have never been played with, as she is perfect. She came in her box which is quite worn. Included with each doll was a pamphlet telling how to care for her and a sewing pattern to make her an extra outfit.
 fpbethfl250.JPG (49122 bytes)

Here are some pictures of some of the outfits that I have made for my granddaughter's doll.

  These are some sweaters that I crocheted.  They were made from a hexagon - 2 per sweater.  I then used the eyelash yarn to make the "fur" on the edges.  I made one set for each of my granddaughters. 
Here is the pattern I used:

I am now making this version for my 6 month old granddaughter:

I am not sure what size needle I used but the yarn-tails blog gives you some measurements and you can adjust accordingly for the dolls.

I am now trying to acquire the baby girl twin for my newest granddaughter.  I have the little boy - he looks just like her older brother - but I hate to say I have not made any clothes for him yet and I have had him for almost 2 years!  Better get busy!

Have fun no matter what your creative skills are!!!  We are all good at something!!!