Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Magnetic Pin Dish

Which would you like setting next to your machine, the pretty dish or the cracked and boring plastic one?

These are so easy to make!  Here is all that you need!
The dishes are from Goodwill but I have a couple of Polish Pottery dishes that I am going to convert!  I used this heavy duty  silicone but any good strong glue would do.   I bought the magnets at the hardware (the big round one) and the others from Hobby Lobby.  After I made these and realized I like them enough to take the plastic one apart.   I pried the plastic one apart and it actually has 2 rectangle 1" x 2" magnets in it.  I really like the magnets from the hardware much better than from the craft store.
The important thing about the magnets is to make sure they fit inside the rim on the bottom of the dish.  If they are thicker use enough so the dish will sit flat and not teeter.  Notice the square one has one magnet in each corner and one in the center.
Hope you enjoyed this quick craft.  My next project is going to be Modge Podge fabric to the magnetic steel dishes that I use on my long arm.  They were purchased at Harbor Freight and look like they belong in a mechanic's tool box.   They really need to be dressed up.
The dishes were not my original idea - but I can't remember where I saw them.  It was just something that stuck with me because I really liked it!

Monday, January 20, 2014

#2 Finished for 2014

Actually, I surprised myself with this one!   I finished it in a week.   But let us step back to the beginning!   I only made one of the blocks.  Entered it into our guild's BOM Lottery and I won!  Nine blocks ready to be sewn into a top!
It is really a table topper as it measures 52" x 52".  Perfect for my large table.  I used a
stripe type print for the sashings and another print mottled for the binding.  I had it quilted in a day and I did machine sew the binding, which I usually do by hand!  I love it!  By the way, my block is the one in the lower left hand corner!

Is anyone interested in a mystery quilt?  How about one using  2 1/2" squares!  Hope to get it up by the 1st of Feb.

Keep on Stitching in 2014!