Wednesday, March 7, 2012


 Okay, I been contacted,  in person no less, to add the next step.  I am sure this person is not making the quilt at this point but just wants to see the finished quilt before she begins.  Am I right?  How many of you are actually making the quilt?  Just curious.  If you are actually making it could you please leave a comment at the end of this post.  I would just like to know!!!

 Step 4
Cut each strip set into 4 ½” segments. You will get 4 full segments (Unit 1) and a 2 ½” or half segment for each strip set.

strip set cut into 4 full units and 1 half unit

Sew 2 of the ½ segments together to create a full unit this will be Unit 2. 
Unit 1 & 2 will measure 4 ½” x 8 ½”.You will need a total of:
49 for the Twin                      81 for the full

Unit 2 made from 2 of the half sections

Keep going.  Not too much left to do!

Now for one of my older quilts.

This is one of my stack n whack quilts.  Lots of diamond and triangle shapes.  I much prefer the 4 Patch Posey.  No points to match, no bias edges so therefore more less stress sewing!

Sorry for the quality of the pictures - but this was before I had a digital camera.  1998!!

These were actually taken at the long armer's as she was taking it off the frame!

So with all that being said I have not made I true kaleidoscope quilt since I learned the 4-patch Posey way of life.  Thank you Mary Lou!

Have fun and keep on stitchin'!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mystery Quilt Progress.

Hope everyone is enjoying the mystery quilt.  As soon as I hear from some one - either through my regular email or the comments - I will post the next step.  I am not sure how you are progressing so I will wait to hear from you!

How about a glimpse of another of my older quilts.   One of my favorite patterns is the Four Patch Posey by Mary Lou Hollenbeck.  I have made this pattern many times with different settings and twist.  I just love it!  You can change that boring or wild fabric into a beautiful kaleidoscope of beauty.  Here is a link to the pattern:
This is Mary Lou's quilt that is on the pattern.

Some - or should I say most of the following quilts are made from home dec fabrics.  Their is a great deal of home dec fabric that is light weight and the large designs are great to slice up.

This is another home dec fabric.  I just loved the colors and the large florals make this pattern wonderfully!

This quilt is machine embroidered and the dark squares in the border are the 4 patch posey blocks.  The corner stones are also 4 patch posies!
Feather All Around a gift for my husband.  Made from a very soft home dec fabric - it was almost like flannel.

This is a shop sample that I made right after meeting Mary Lou.

This is also a home dec fabric - polished cotton.  The butterflies were posie blocks and a pattern from Jane Sassaman.

I have several more of this quilt in the process stage!  Don't want to really call them UFOs but I guess that is really what they are.  I love cutting the blocks and playing with them before I sew them together.  I just have to get by butt in gear and make them into a top!