Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mystery Quilt Progress.

Hope everyone is enjoying the mystery quilt.  As soon as I hear from some one - either through my regular email or the comments - I will post the next step.  I am not sure how you are progressing so I will wait to hear from you!

How about a glimpse of another of my older quilts.   One of my favorite patterns is the Four Patch Posey by Mary Lou Hollenbeck.  I have made this pattern many times with different settings and twist.  I just love it!  You can change that boring or wild fabric into a beautiful kaleidoscope of beauty.  Here is a link to the pattern:
This is Mary Lou's quilt that is on the pattern.

Some - or should I say most of the following quilts are made from home dec fabrics.  Their is a great deal of home dec fabric that is light weight and the large designs are great to slice up.

This is another home dec fabric.  I just loved the colors and the large florals make this pattern wonderfully!

This quilt is machine embroidered and the dark squares in the border are the 4 patch posey blocks.  The corner stones are also 4 patch posies!
Feather All Around a gift for my husband.  Made from a very soft home dec fabric - it was almost like flannel.

This is a shop sample that I made right after meeting Mary Lou.

This is also a home dec fabric - polished cotton.  The butterflies were posie blocks and a pattern from Jane Sassaman.

I have several more of this quilt in the process stage!  Don't want to really call them UFOs but I guess that is really what they are.  I love cutting the blocks and playing with them before I sew them together.  I just have to get by butt in gear and make them into a top!   

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