Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time to Bring out the Spring!

 Today is the first of March and time to bring out the cheery colors of the 1930 Reproduction Prints.  I love this fabric and have several quilts made from them.  Today I put one of my favorites out on the bed.  This quilt has quite a tale to tell!

This was an internet round robin.  We put our favorite fabric, patterns and requests in a box and sent off to the next name on the list!   I made the center block and my internet friends did the rest.  The blue you see after each round was what I sent.  This fabric was found in my grandma's things when my mom and aunt packed her belongings.  I love it -  so when after the third and final round when I did not receive my box back I was very depressed.  It stayed on the "missing in action" list for almost 5 years!  I had given up all hope of ever seeing it again. 

Then one day I get a phone call from a lady in Utah!  Her mother had passed away a year ago and they were going through her things and found my box.  They set it aside because they weren't sure what to do with it.  They then found her box and contacted the people on the list.  They explained the way it worked and the daughter packed up my box - plus all of the pieces that her mom had with it and sent it home to me.  I was so excited to get my grandma's fabric back that I really didn't look too closely at her round.  After a few months I pulled it out and decided to finish it.  She had made all the nine patches and had cut all of the tulips and leaves. She had only appliqued a few of them onto  the blocks.  There is a total of 40 tulip blocks.  I finished them and added them to the top. 

While I was working on the tulips I won the bow tie wreath blocks from our quilt guild's block of the month drawing.  I then added them as the last round of this cheerful and charming quilt made by friends!

The lady who passed during the making of this quilt was surely an angel watching over this beloved and cherish quilt!  Believe it or not this quilt is nearing it's 20th birthday of conception but hasn't been finished but about 6 years!   How's that for an UFO story?!?!?!

I am sure we all have one!


  1. It was apparently meant to come back to you. It's really lovely.

    1. Yes I believe it was and Thanks for the compliment!