Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quilting and Machine Embroidery!

I love to quilt and machine embroidery.   I am going to show and tell the quilts that I have made.  Sometimes they will be very pretty and others are very simple.  I will also be posting the projects as I finish them.  Some are very old and others are done up quickly on a whim!

This is an apple core made in batiks fabrics.  I learned a big lesson here.  I hand pieced this!  Big mistake.  The batiks are hard to needle through because of the way they are dyed.  It is very pretty but it did cause me to have some sore fingers!  There are some jacaobean butterflies and flowers embroidered throughout the quilt as seen in the close up below.  It was one of the first quilts that I quilted on my Bailey Homequilter and Grace pro frame.

It is a queen size and I think it is very cheeful!

Thank you in advance for any comments you would like to post.  I am totally new to this blogging and I am not sure what I am doing.   But I do welcome any and all comments!!!


  1. Hi Pat, I just joined your blog. I am looking forward to your posts. As always you are an inspiration. The quilt above is beautiful ! I am not even sure I joined correctly, it wanted me to create another blog account. I tried to "fix" it, we'll see what happens ! LOL or should that be LAL live and learn !


  2. Michelle,
    thank you! I like the LAL!!!

  3. I like the way you embroidered on the quilt. It really adds depth. Now that you have some experience on the Bailey Homequilter with the Grace frame, are you satisfied with the setup?

  4. KatieQ,
    I love the set up. My son just replaced the plastic tracks with the stainless steel rods (about $30) and I can not believe the difference! My circles are actually round! I also only used the pre wound bobbins with the magnets!

    Thanks for looking and keep on stitchin'

  5. Hi Pat loved your quilt! Look forward to reading your blogs! you got me motivated to set mine up as well htt://celticmist797.blogspot.com

    good luck!

  6. Wow, I can't believe you did a whole apple core quilt. I'm so impressed! The colors are wonderful!

  7. Pat, Your Sewing is UP there with the BEST. Thanks for Your blog. Yes , Your colors are wonderfullllll C U VerySoon. Velia, Hudson,Michigan USA