Monday, January 12, 2015

Polar Vortex Instruction

I made this quilt last year when the weather was so frigid cold. This year Pat Sloan has put out a challenge on her facebook page to use our 2.5" squares.  I showed this as the project from last year and had quite a few request for the pattern.  Since I did not use a pattern - and to my knowledge there is not one - I said I would put the instructions up on my blog.

But before I start I need to wish everyone who does follow and look in once in awhile:

May you have a Happy and Bountiful New Year!

This quilt was an over sized queen.  It consisted of 25 blocks.  They were all made from 2.5" squares.

Here is what you will need for one block:

60* ruler at least 10" high

72 - 2.5" squares
8  -  3" squares for center  -  I use a busy design in my sample.
2  -  6" squares cut in half on the diagional. This fabric should be what you are going to use for the sashings.

My fabrics for my blocks.  The center is a very busy print and the dots are the sashings and borders.

Lay out your 2.5" squares in a pyramid using the 3" square at the top.  Center each row above the previous row by folding the solid square to find the center.  At this point there are no seams to match.

Let's talk about pressing.  Pressing is done BEFORE trimming.  I forgot to take a picture but it can be explained here.

You are going to make 8 sections  -  You will press 4 sections with the seams going down toward the bottom the other 4 sections toward the top.

After they are pressed you will trim them

Now lets talk about the ruler.  We are going to make a few registration marks on the ruler to help make sure the blocks when sewn together fit well.

I am using the Starmaker Ruler from Kaye Woods but you can use any 60* that is tall enough for your section which is 9.5".

First there should be a center line on your ruler.  This will line up on the seam of row 2.  The next mark is a horizontal line.  Use the seam between rows 2 and 3.

The last mark is the very bottom.  You can mark with a marker or I use duct tape.  These lines are going to help you keep the wedge centered therefore making it easier to sew the wedges into a circle.

Now trim your wedge.  You will need to make a total of 8 wedges.  Remember to press 4 with seams going up and 4 with seams going down  BEFORE you trim!

Let the ruler hang 1/4" over the edge of the 3" square.  This will eliminate the point on the wedge and create less bulk in the center

One down seven more to go!
When arranging your wedges remember to alternate them with the seams pressed in opposite directions.
Sew them together in pairs.  Press the seams open. Lower left of picture.
Sew the quarters into halves.
Your halves should be flat.  Now take your ruler and line it along the edge of the center seam.  Trim away any buldges.
Pin and sew that center seam.
Add the triangles to four corners. 
This picture shows the blocks with the sashings and corner stones.
Hope you enjoyed this lesson and were able to understand it.  Please send pictures of your blocks and would love to see your comments and thoughts!
Thank you!


  1. ThankYou Pat. Again You have My heart. Hope I can at least sew up one block. Your ideas, designs and creativity are to die for ! Will You remember Me when You are the Star attraction. Well, You are Now

    1. sure will. Velia. But I don't think that will ever happen! But THANK YOU!

  2. Thank you so much! I've been working with 1 1/2" squares. I just think I'm going to go purchase a new ruler and make me some 2 1/2" squares and make me some wedges.. looks like a busy year ahead! Thank you again! How nice of you!

  3. Wanda, you are welcome. Have fun and do send me some pix!