Thursday, June 14, 2012



It is finally finished!  It seems like it took forever but in reality it was pretty quick!  This is the final result.

I was the chairperson and I had members make a basic block (with certain guide lines), Everyone was given small pieces of the same fabrics (burgundy and brown) and then asked to make a crazy square.  They had a  choice from several sizes.  They could embellish any way they liked - by machine or hand.  If they didn't want to embellish they could turn it in and someone else would do the embellishing.  Well as it turned out not that many liked doing their own embellishing!!

I then sewed them into 12 sections.  I had 2 super helpers - Phyllis and Sherri - we then took the larger sections and embellished to our hearts content!  Between the 3 of us we "dolled" it up!  I then sewed the sections together and "tacked" it to a solid brown backing.  I did this on my long arm frame with my 17" Bailey Home Quilter.  My husband helped clip all of those threads or jump stitches!  I then put a 1 inch binding on using the same brown that was used in the squares!

Later I will show some up close pictures of some of the free standing lace & motifs that I made on my embroidery machine!

Now we just need to sell the tickets and pick the lucky winner in October!!!!

If I do say so myself it is a stunning quilt!

What do you think?


  1. Hi Pat, You are One in a million....2012 WWCQG crazed piece should give you QUILTER of the Year award. You have My vote. Hope the OopsieDaisy will be completed B4 May 2013 for Nicholas & Amy , My grandson and His bride. Thanks for the encouragement . Still collecting 6" charms 30's fabrics. Velia

  2. Hat's off to all involved in the creation of this quilt! It is beautiful! Each block is unique and I don't think I would ever tire of exploring each block. Whoever wins this quilt is going to be one lucky person!