Friday, October 5, 2012


I had a great weekend!  The Sewing Chicks spent the weekend at a fantastic Bed & Breakfast (and lunch and dinner)!  The owner Jan was a true Hostess with the Mostess!   The place was beautiful and the food was delicious!  It was in Jackson County - The Hankard Inn. 

The top picture is the original building with the dining room addition.  That is where we all of our fantastic meals!
Below is the barn.  There were 3 floors, the lower floor was where our sewing stations were set up.  Easy loading and unloading of all of the equipment!
The second floor consisted of a central kitchen and living room (the windows in the center of the building) with four bedrooms on the perimeter.  Only a short flight of stairs to this floor.  Up another flight of stairs to other rooms.  every room had it's own character!

This was my room.  Jan did all of the decorating and made all of the quilts.
Below are some of the other rooms!

This is the room that we shared the bath with!

The balcony was a great place to display the projects that we finished!

This is the kitchen area.  The meals were so great from Jan that this wasn't needed - except you know quilters we need nourishment at all hours and between meals!

This is the large windows you see from the front of the building.
There are touches of Christmas all over the place.  Pictures in frames of Santas, the tree or a figurine.  It was wonderful!

Til next time, Keep on stitchin'

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