Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Favorite Quilt

Today I thought I would share with you my favorite quilt!

This quilt is very special to my family.  It was made somewhere around the early 60s.  We called it our "sick" quilt.  We were only allowed to use it when we were sick.  There were six kids in my family so it was used and washed alot!  What is so special about this quilt is that it was made by both of my grandmothers.  My mother's mom, Stella Hill Bass, made the blocks and my father's mom, Gertrude Reaid Rogers, did the actual quilting.  They did not work on it as a team - they didn't even know each other.  My Granny Bass made the blocks and gave them to my mom.  She then asked by Grandma Rogers to finish it! Granny Bass lived in Fort Sill, OK and my Grandma Rogers lived in Cullman, AL.  I acquired the quilt when my mom & dad retired and moved to New Mexico,  but the only person who has a problem with that is my younger (and only) sister.  But you know what they say - Possession is 9/10 of the law!!!!  So Sally - it is mine until I decided to part with it and that will be when I can no longer draw a breath!

Because of this quilt - Sun Bonnet Sue - is one of my favorite blocks.  Whenever I make a sampler quilt I always have a Sue Block in it.  When I first started quilting seriously back in the late 60s this is the quilt that I made for my first born daughter.  It was in those bright yellows and oranges of the 60s.  That quilt is no where to be found because it was washed to death and who knows what happened to it.  When my youngest daughter was born in '76 she also got a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt.  Hers was all red & white and again it was washed to death and disappeared in the the vast unknown.  Quilting was not as poplar in that time period so quilts were not cherished as they are today. 

Aren't we glad that this craft has had a growing following?  It sure makes it alot more fun to shop for fabric!

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