Tuesday, January 3, 2012

BOM for Machine Embroidery

   I found a great site for a BOM in machine embroidery.  The designer, Shanel, is a very talented lady.  If you have ever done the shop hop on the internet you will love her site.  The block is free!  You just need to find it.  She will give hints throughout the month - but the design is really easy to find!  I
   I am making 2 blocks each month.  One on a navy satin & one on the beige satin.  The only other colors I am using is light blue, green and gold.  Here are the blocks I have completed so far:

These are 3 of the blocks, I  will post the others later!

   She also has a crazy quilt square.  You must send her a picture of the completed block to recieve the next month's blocks.  She will also send you a bonus block each month when you have completed the regular block.

On the left is December's block.

On the right is the bonus block!

I love crazy quilting and in the hoop is a great way to make them!

Here is the link to Sanity Crafts:

Hope you enjoy these quilt blocks!


  1. Great to hear from you Pat. I hope all is well with you and yours. All is well here, busy as usual. I am loving this time of year as I have moire time for sewing. Last weeekend Idid some major cleaning and organizing in my sewing room. The good news is that it looks great, the bad news is that I can not buy any fabric, patterns, books, gidgets, gadget or kits or start anything new for at least 10 years!! Oh wait, off to the LQS today to start a new BOM, but that is it for this year, ya right!!! Good luck with your blog and your BOM's. I overdosed myself last year by trying to do too many BOM's so am going to be a little more disciplined this year. Take care and let's keep in touch.

  2. Pam,
    It is great to hear from you. Are you hosting quilting retreats at Thunder Bay? Didn't see the 2012 listing on the website. You keep on stitchin'