Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Yes I keep an old fashion, hand written journal.  It is usually the last thing I do at night. 

So today I thought I would share my journaling process.
I start with a regular school note book.  Usually a three subject works well - it will last for about 3 years.
I then make a pretty cover - after three years  I am ready for a new one.  This is year 3 for this journal!

After a year of entires it looks pretty messy.  I highlight in pink my finished projects and hand enter the new projects.  I also make notes on any previous entry such as shows it was entered in and prizes that it may have won!!

Each day I try to write what I did that day.  Sometimes a week goes by and I have to recap the week.  I usually forget something!  If I have finished something I try to remember to take a picture and glue it to the page opposite the entry.  When I make an entry I refer to the project by number and sometimes by name but always by number.  If I am finished I will highlight the number in pink!  I also write the date finished on the log page and then highlight the entry in pink!  And as they say "another one bites the dust".

At the end of the year I update the journal in the computer and make it look all sweet and neat.  If you notice the two shades of yellow, well this year I decided to make a difference in what I made for others and what I kept for me.  I guess I may be a little selfish because I seem to keep about half of what I make.  The darker yellows are the keepers and the lighter shade is what was made for and given to others!  Sometimes I just know for sure that I will not do a project and I either delete it and leave the line blank or I highlight it with a pale blue. 
The headings for the columns are, project number, date started, name of project, brief description & any notes I want to add.  You can set yours up any way that makes sense to you!

Here it is all ready for a new year.   I use the bookmark to mark the page that I am on at the moment!

Hope you will try journaling.  There is a great satisfaction to seeing projects marked off as being completed!!

Keep on stitchin'


  1. Your journaling process is so fascinating! I'm impressed with how you keep track of everything. And the cover looks super, even 3 years old!

    1. Thanks, Susan. the pictures don't show the wear - thank goodness! Will make a new one sometime this year for next year!

      thanks and keep on stitchin'